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August Meeting Minutes (8-27-08)


Messrs: Gordon, Deitman, Solicitor Wills

Ewing, Kilgallen, Engineer Catania

Howell, File-Barlow, Treasurer Possenti

McCollum, Purcival, Secretary Higgins,

and, Favinger

Mr. Kilgallen made a motion, seconded by Vice President Purcival, approving the 7/23/08 Minutes as submitted; motion carried.

Mayor Gordon did request Council consider hiring two new part-time police officers.

Vice President Purcival made a motion, seconded by Ms. File-Barlow, approving the hiring of two new part-time police officers (Monaghan and Young); motion carried.

Correspondence: (Borough Secretary – Linda Higgins)

The following funds were received during the past month (July):

1) Recorder of Deeds $ 1,274.00

2) License & Inspections 5,433.00

3) Police (Reports/Tickets) 60.00

4) Highway Safety-Smooth Operator Wave 3 1,594.05

5) Del.Co.Bd.Fire & Life Safety DUI Ckpt 486.05

6) State Police Fines 707.71

7) Court Financial Svcs – Restitution 68.09

8) DEP Recycling Grant 344.00

9) PECO Street Opening 60.00

10) Smooth Operator – Wave 2 141.35

11) Comcast 5,014.65

12) Parkside Terrace parking permit 15.00

Tax Collection

Tax Collector – Olivia Avila-Deitman 12,606.77

Central Tax Bureau – Earned Income Tax 19,674.71

Tax Claim Bureau 2,718.10

Regional Court

District Court 1,087.38

Mayor’s Report: (Mayor Gordon)

Total calls for the month was 230. Leading categories; assist other agencies – 59, service calls – 25, follow-up information -21. Total traffic violations was 100. Leading categories; stop signs and yield signs – 38, obedience to traffic control devices – 15, red light violation – 12. Non-traffic violations = 4. Leading categories; disorderly conduct – 2, underage drinking – 2. Offenses reported; theft – 7, criminal mischief – 6, burglary – 4.

There were 100 traffic violations written in the Borough during July 2008. Twenty-eight of the violators were Borough residents.

During the month of September the police department will be conducting several traffic details in the Borough.

Mayor Gordon received an invitation to an Eagle Scout award ceremony for John and Michael Kennedy.

Vice President Purcival asked the Mayor if the crossing guards were ready to go for the first day of school on 9/4/08. The Mayor indicated she will be speaking to the new crossing guard (he is currently on vacation) to verify he will be at his post at Edgmont Avenue and Forestview Road on the first day of school

Vice President Purcival asked the Mayor if Officer Marchesi will be the crossing guard again this year in the mornings. The Mayor indicated the school has expressed concern for paying Officer Marchesi’s salary (since it is more then a regular crossing guard). Therefore, it was being considered to have the new crossing guard take all shifts at that post.

President Deitman indicated Council and the residents would like to see Officer Marchesi back on that corner in the mornings this year. President Deitman will contact John Steffy from the Penn Delco School District and find out if they will be willing to pay ˝ of Officer Marchesi’s salary.


Pat Carey of 59 East Chelton Road indicated that as a resident and tax payer of Parkside she would like to see something done about the motorists that blatantly disregard the stop signs at Chelton and Blossom Avenue.

President Deitman agreed with Ms. Carey and asked the Mayor to have an officer sit at that intersection to monitor and control traffic.

Judy Saunders Community Day Organizer informed Council that several tables are being set-up and used by local businesses. There will be craft tables, sand art tables and a dunk tank. Ms. Saunders asked the Secretary to prepare letters to several local businesses requesting donations for Community Day. Community Day is scheduled for 9/28/08 from noon to 4:00 p.m. at the Parkside Elementary School parking lot.

Gus Gaspareni of 2905 Edgmont Avenue (owner of Phil & Jim’s) indicated he has a problem with the dumpster sitting on the sidewalk in front of his business. He has no other place to put it and does not know how to enclose it efficiently. He was given several suggestions.

Kelly Clausen of 2607 Arlington Avenue mentioned that several people have come to her work (Amoco Gas Station in Parkside) to ask her if the information posted about her on the internet ( is correct. She indicated she actually lost a good job prospect because of all the nonsense on the internet.

President Deitman did sympathize with her and indicated there is really nothing that can be done since that no one puts their real name on that website. Only screen names are used and there is no way of tracking who they are.

President’s Report: (Thomas Deitman)

President Deitman reported he met with the Parkside Fire Company regarding their siren and the Fire Company agreed to silence the alarm between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

President Deitman reported that the hold-up on start of the temporarily resurfacing the Parkside Elementary School parking lot was due to a change order. The Penn Delco School Board is voting on the change order and then the project will begin. Ms. File-Barlow asked what happens if the School Board does not approve the change order. President Deitman informed her that if that happens Council will have to have discussions with the School Board.

President Deitman informed Council that the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority handles our trash and has decided to charge $30 a month per ton of trash fee to Municipalities. This will cost Parkside approximately $25,000 to $30,000 a year over and above the current trash contract fee. This will have to be paid by taxpayers. President Deitman suggested a letter be sent to County Council requesting they phase this fee in and make it easier on taxpayers. President Deitman encouraged all citizens wishing to write a similar letter to County Council to do so.

Vice President Purcival indicated Upland Borough has already contacted County Council with their displeasure on this topic.

Finance Report: (President Deitman)

Vice President Purcival made a motion, seconded by Ms. File-Barlow, to accept the Treasurer’s Report as submitted; motion carried.

Vice President Purcival made a motion, seconded by Ms. File-Barlow, to pay the bills when properly approved; motion carried.

Vice President Purcival made a motion, seconded by Ms. File-Barlow, to adopt Resolution No. 1635 setting the 2009 Financial Requirement and Minimum Municipal Obligation Budget; motion carried.

Public Safety Report: (Dave Favinger)

Fire Marshal Report – Mr. Favinger has completed 22 rental inspections for the month for a yearly total of 73.

On August 11th, 2008 there was an apartment fire at 2610 Edgmont Avenue.

Mr. Favinger is currently preparing for the UCC Housing/Property Maintenance certification.

Mr. Favinger is trying to educate property owners/renters to get renter’s insurance and make sure smoke detectors are installed in every dwelling.

Code Enforcement - There were 11 property maintenance issues this month. Kent’s Pizza is being remodeled. Phil and Jim’s dumpster issue has been addressed and citations will be mailed out 9/2/08 if they have not conformed to the Borough Code by then.

Mr. Temple, the owner of the building in which Kent’s Pizza is located, stated he has owned that property since March of 2007. Since he purchased the property he has moved residents out and put about $40,000 into upgrading the property. He does not understand why Kent’s was closed down now after all that work has been done to the property.

Mr. Wills informed him that the Health Inspector came to the last Council Meeting to inform Council of several Health Food Safety Code violations that existed in Kent’s. It was her feeling that the public was in jeopardy because of the health issues. Councilman McCollum made the motion to shut down the business until it could be brought up to Code.

Parkside Elementary School Report:

It was reported that the new Principal of the Parkside Elementary School is Theresa Ford.

Police Report: (Vice President Purcival)

Vice President Purcival did thank everyone that attended the earlier Executive Session.

She did inform Council that residents are complaining we no longer have a “hometown” feeling in Parkside.

Vice President Purcival requested the Chief/Mayor initiate a public relations meeting with the part-time police officers. These officers should be interacting with children and parents in the Borough.

Ms. Purcival indicated that she has received several complaints from residents that people are running stop signs within the Borough, endangering children and pets in the area. The Mayor promised the police department will be more diligent enforcing stop signs.

Vice President Purcival indicated she has been upset over the items appearing on This website has insulted President Deitman and Chief Egan, as well as the entire police department.

Public Works Report: (Frank McCollum – Streets)

Mr. McCollum reported that the streets department is currently painting lines for school crossings.

Several people have applied for the part-time maintenance position but declined the position when they found out the pay rate.

Storm inlets are currently being marked with “everything drains to streams” stickers.

The grass is being cut throughout the Borough.

Vice President Purcival did thank the highway department for fixing the stop sign at Tom Sweeney and Upland Road.

Public Works Report: (Henry Ewing – Buildings & Grounds)

Mr. Ewing reported that the lights on the exterior of the Borough building and garage have been repaired and are working properly.

Ordinance Report: (Bill Howell)

Mr. Howell reported that he spoke to Tom Kennedy (the Plumbing Inspector) and was informed that the current Plumbing Code needs to be updated.

Mr. Howell made a motion, seconded by Ms. File-Barlow, to adopt Ordinance No. 487 increasing permit fee from $10 to $25 per thousand, in accordance with rest of the fees for construction.

License & Inspections Report: (Jim Kilgallen)

Mr. Kilgallen reported that 11 residential permits, 2 mechanical permits and 3 electrical permits, 3 U&O’s and 1 reinspection were issued for the month.

Recreation Report: (Jackie File-Barlow)

Ms. File-Barlow made a motion, seconded by Mr. McCollum, to adopt Resolution No. 1634 proclaiming September 8 – 14, 2008 to be Suicide Awareness Week; motion carried.

Recycling Report: (Terri Dougherty) Progress

Junior Councilperson Report: (Rachel Counts) Progress

Tax Collector Report: (Olivia Avila-Deitman)

Ms. Avila-Deitman reported she received $4,309.82 for the month of July 2008. To date, she has collected $534,171.33.

Engineer Report: (Lisa Catania)

Ms. Catania reported she is ready to put the road program out to bid, she is just waiting for the sub-reciprient agreement for CDBG.

PECO is servicing connections throughout the Borough and Catania Engineering has an Inspector checking restoration of Borough streets.

Solicitor’s Report: (Jay Wills)

Mr. Wills received notification from a Lawyer representing a client that fell in a hole on West Gray Street. Mr. Wills notified him that street belongs to the City of Chester.

Mr. Wills indicated Police personnel issues will be followed-up by his office.

Unfinished Business: None


Scott Sidlow of 211 Beechwood Road offered to investigate or serve on a committee structured to look into future trash contracts.

President Deitman indicated he would like to look into sharing trash services with other Boroughs.

New Business:

Vice President Purcival made a motion, seconded by Ms. File-Barlow, to change the Council Meeting from September 24th to September 25th so that everyone interested could attend the DCAB September Shindig on the 24th; motion carried.

The Secretary read a letter from John P. Hansel, Founder of the Liberty Tree Memorial Program. The letter offered, at no cost to the Borough, a free elm tree to be planted in Parkside.

Mr. McCollum made a motion, seconded by Mr. Kilgallen, to return the reservation for a free Liberty Tree Memorial; motion carried.

There being no further business, motion was made by Vice President Purcival, seconded by Ms. File-Barlow, that the meeting adjourn; motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.

PARKSIDE BOROUGH COUNCIL: By:___________________________

Thomas G. Deitman, President


Linda E. Higgins, Secretary