Wednesday, May 25, 2016
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May Monthly Minutes (5-25-11)

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May Monthly Minutes (5-25-11)
Mayor and Presidents Report
Public Safety, Police and Public Works Reports
Ordinance, Finance, Recreation, and Communications
Junior Council, Tax Collector and Engineer
Solictor, Unfinished business and Call to citizens
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The Secretary was on vacation and not in attendance at this meeting.

Ms. File-Barlow made a motion, seconded by Vice President McCollum, to accept
the Minutes of the April 27, 2011 Council Meeting, as submitted; motion carried.

President Purcival then introduced Tom Calvecchio from the Penn Delco School
District that requested permission to address Council. He first thanked everyone
for their cooperation while work was being done on the Parkside Elementary
School. Mr. Calvecchio did pass-out copies of the “Delaware County Strategic
National Stockpile and Pandemic Preparedness Planning”. Sun Valley High School
is set-up to be a point of distribution should a crisis strike our area. Mr. Calvecchio
requested Council review the documents. He will need at least 300 volunteers to
make this work. An e-mail address will be set-up and Council will be notified when
it is activated, for anyone willing to volunteer. Sun Valley will be set-up to
distribute emergency medicine to 50,000 people which will take care of the Penn
Delco School District area.

President Purcival did ask Mr. Calvecchio to relay to the School Board that the
residents and Council of Parkside would appreciate them holding the line on the
School District budget. Senior citizens and young couples in our small Borough are
having a difficult time financially.

Correspondence Report: (Linda Higgins)

The following funds were received during the month (April 2011):
1)License & Inspections - $ 4,455.00
2)PD – Reports - $ 60.00
3)PD – Payroll Reimbursement - $ 351.25
4)Court Financial Services – restitution - $ 419.91
5)Recorder of Deeds - $ 1,792.91
6)PECO – Grant LED Lights - $ 1,224.00

Tax Collection
Tax Collector – Olivia Avila-Deitman - $ 347,603.04
Central Tax Bureau – Earned Income Tax - $ 13,983.66
Regional Court
District Court - $ 1,437.65
Total income for April 2011 = $ 371,327.42

The Mayor read a letter from Chief John Easton of the Upland Police Department.
Chief Easton commended and thanked Officer Cleary for responding to several
police calls in Upland when their Officer was over-loaded with calls. Officer Cleary
handled several calls and afforded the pertinent information necessary for the
Upland Officer to file all reports required. Chief Easton thanked Parkside Police
Department, especially Officer Robert Cleary (25-24).

The Mayor read a note from the Junior Councilperson (Victoria Howell), thanking
Chief Egan for his participation in the Parkside Youth Challenge.