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July Monthly Minutes (7-27-11)

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July Monthly Minutes (7-27-11)
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Mr. Bull made a motion, seconded by Ms. File-Barlow, to accept the Minutes of the June 22, 2011 Council Meeting, as submitted; motion carried. (Mr. Stamis nay)


At this time in the meeting, The Reverend Rocky Brown addressed Council on behalf of SPECTRA ENERGY. Rev. Brown did turn the meeting over to Larry Smore, Project Manager for Spectra Energy. Mr. Smore did inform Council of the Scope of Work for their Philadelphia Lateral Expansion Project. They will be replacing a 16-inch diameter gas pipeline with a new 30-inch diameter natural gas pipeline for approximately 0.4 miles eastward from Chester Junction valve site in Delaware County, PA. This replacement will generally be within the existing Texas Eastern pipeline easement. Some of the pipeline to be expanded in located on Parkside Borough property in the Woodlot area. The project will be overseen by the Borough Engineer. Any damages to trees, pavement, etc. incurred by the work being done by Spectra will be repaired/replaced by them when the project is completed.


Correspondence Report: (Linda Higgins)

The following funds were received during the month (June 2011):

1) License & Inspections - $ 4,384.00

2) Police Dept. Reports/Misc. - $ 60.00

3) Daily Times Advertising overpayment - $ 382.40

4) State Police Fines - $ 852.22

5) Recorder of Deeds - $ 1,298.50

6) Lien 2008 Trash Fee (2911 Burden) - $ 313.00

7) Erie Insurance Escrow Act 93 (10 Beechwood) - $ 28,148.82

8) PECO Green Region Grant (Woodlot) - $ 5,000.00

9) Court Financial Services restitution - $ 10.63


Tax Collection

Tax Claim - $ 4,171.11

Tax Collector Olivia Avila-Deitman - $ 56,215.65

Centax (Earned Income Tax) - $ 19,675.55

Regional Court

District Court - $ 299.33

Total income for June 2011 = $ 120,811.21



The Secretary read a letter addressed to Borough Council from Borough residents John and Helen Ashbridge of East Avon Road. The letter stated their concerns with high grass and weed overgrowth adjacent to the vacant antique store located at the corner of East Avon Road and Edgmont Avenue. They also stated there is a concern regarding the unregistered white vehicle parked behind the vacant store and overhanging the sidewalk area. They stated a need for visible One Way and Do Not Enter signs on the corners of Houston and East Avon Road. This letter has been turned over to the police department, public works department and code enforcement department for their action.

A letter addressed to all Elected Officials and Municipal Managers, from Marianne Grace from the County of Delaware was read. The letter informed that effective 1/1/12 the County will be handling animal control for the municipalities. The cost of to for animal control, once the new non-profit organization takes it over, will not exceed $250 per animal. The letter requested a response from the Borough as to whether or not the Borough would participate. The response will be faxed back indicating Parkside Borough will participate.

A letter from Anne Coogan, County Clerk for Delaware County, was read. The letter informed Parkside Borough that County Council has adopted a Resolution granting Year 2011 Liquid Fuel Allocation in the amount of $2,430.00. The application will now be forwarded to the PA State Dept. of Highways for approval.

A letter addressed to Chief Egan, from Ryan Grace, Esq., Assistant District Attorney for the Special Victims Unit of Delaware County. Mr. Grace commended Officer Ash and the Parkside Police Department for the professionalism, diligence and cooperation exhibited in a recent rape case. The rapist was tried and found guilty.

A letter of resignation, effective 7/1/11, from Andrew Venini (25-31) was read.

A letter of resignation, effective 7/5/11, from Frank Fazzio (25-26) was read. Officer Fazzio thanked Chief Egan and the entire Parkside family for their support and assistance in helping him become the officer he is.